Women’s Hormonal Health with Dr. Mariza Snyder

Dr. Mariza Snyder is on the show today! She’s an expert in her field of women’s hormonal health and essential oil solutions. I have wanted to have her on the show for a while for you to benefit from her knowledge and expertise. I am so excited to dive into women’s health and hormonal health with Dr. Mariza Snyder. Listen in as we talk about these things and many more:

  • Midlife hormonal health
  • Rushing Women’s Syndrome
  • Perimenopause, menopause and healthy aging
  • Anti depressants, the pill, and essential oil support
  • The importance of detoxifying your liver
  • The hormones to pay attention to as we age (surprise alert! It’s not what you think!)

Who’s Dr. Mariza Snyder?

Dr. Mariza is a a functional practitioner, women’s hormone expert and the author of eight books.

For the past twelve years, she has lectured at wellness centers, conferences, and corporations on hormone health, essential oils, nutrition, and detoxification.  She has been featured on Dr. Oz, Oprah Magazine, Fox News Health, MindBodyGreen and many publications. Dr. Mariza is also the host of the top rated Essentially You Podcast, (with over 2.7 million downloads) designed to empower women to become the CEO of their health. She has an outstanding website (linked below) where she gives many resources for women’s hormonal health, tips, recipes and remedies. 

Resources Mentioned:

The Essential Oils Menopause Solution

Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils 


Find Dr. Mariza Here:

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Check out her website for women’s hormone tips, including recipes and remedies.

Check out Dr. Mariza’s great podcast: The Essentially You Podcast in iTunes

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