In 2016 I stopped my lifelong practice of making resolutions and instead started choosing a word of the year. 
What has been the result?
I’ve had the best 4 years of my life.
I argue no.
Choosing a word of the year instead of making resolutions sets you up for a very different kind of year. 

I will not be spending time explaining the pros and pros of choosing a word of the year in this post. If you’d like to read my past years of the pros and pros of choosing a word of the year, check them out here: 2017, 2018, 2019. This year I chose to spend my time making you a super cool, concise, and free(!) giveaway to walk you through your word choice process. Click this link, print it out, grab your favorite pen and let’s go!!

How To Pick your own Warrior Word?

1. Assess

Assess Your Current Situation by Answering these questions:
  1. How do you feel most days?
  2. What do you love about your life?
  3. What do you wish were different?
  4. What were your big high moments of the past year?
  5. What were your big down moments or disappointments of this past year?
  6. How did you feel most days this past year? What are your top 2-3 feeling states?

2. Dream

Turn off your excuse brain and allow yourself to imagine your best 2020. This is not a time to let your brain tell you why these things aren’t possible (if you think you can’t, you can’t. If you think you can…YOU CAN!)

  1. What excites you about this next year?
  2. What are you looking forward to in 2020?
  3. How do you want to act this next year as a woman? As a mother? As a partner? As a lead-in your business or community?
  4. How do you want to feel during your days?
  5. When you look back at this time next year, how would you like to describe your year?

3. Choose

Get quiet, read over the list on the handy guide I made you and write down the 2-5 that stand out to you on a scrap of paper. Carry that paper around for a day or two. Get it out and look at it. Which word is sticking out to you? One will begin to shine and call to you. 

That’s your word! 

4. Saturate

Bring your word into your life in as many ways as you can:

Write it out on sticky notes, note cards, or pretty card stock and stick it around your house.
Change your phone alarm to your word so when you wake each morning you see it.
Tell people your word: friends, family, internet buddies
Leave your word below here in the comments.
Get a MantraBand Bracelet with your word on it.

You want visual reminders to snap you into the habit of thinking of the word when making decisions. I have a sign by the essential oils that I use every morning to remind me at the beginning of my day of my intent. It really can be this simple. 

5. Enjoy

You are set up for success. Believe in yourself and your word. Resolutions tend to be black or white; you either do them or you don’t. A word is something you aim for, a light to aim towards. There is no possibility of failure. You set your intention on that word and adjust your course throughout the year. You do not fail. You learn and grow.

Choosing a word allows you to start your year looking forward with anticipation, excitement and inspiration. Whatever time you would’ve spent making resolutions (and focusing on what you did wrong), you get to think instead of what you’re going to do right and how great the upcoming year can be.

I passionately believe that we are on this earth for a purpose. Resolutions led me to feel badly about who I was. Choosing a word empowers me to accept how awesome I am right now while encouraging me to evolve to the next best version of myself. I encourage you to try something different this year. Please share your warrior word with me and I will share my warrior word of 2020 with you. Let’s do it!

Please share this post with one other person who may resonate with this message. If everyone were to choose a word of the year, we’d all be living more intentional, heart-filled lives. And the more people who are doing that, the better off we all are.

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