3 Things Emotionally Mature Parents Say

Want to know the secret to raising emotionally intelligent kids and strengthening all your relationships? It’s simpler than you think!

Four Big Benefits of Being an Emotionally Mature Parent

Being an emotionally mature parent isn’t just about raising well-adjusted kids; it’s a game-changer for your entire life. Here’s why:

  • Own Your Happiness:When you take responsibility for your emotions and actions, you ditch the blame game and step into your power. This boosts your self-respect and confidence, leading to a more fulfilling life.
  • Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids: Kids are like sponges. When you model emotional maturity, they absorb those skills. You are setting them up for healthier relationships and greater resilience. Plus, it fosters a secure attachment style, the foundation for lifelong well-being.
  • Build Deeper Connections: People are drawn to emotionally mature individuals. They create safe spaces where others feel comfortable opening up. This leads to stronger, more authentic relationships.
  • Shape Young Minds: If your kids are under 25, their brains are still developing. The emotionally mature things you say and do can literally shape their neural pathways. It will instill valuable skills and beliefs that last a lifetime.

So what are these magical, relationship-strengthing things that emotionally intelligent parents say?

Here are the three things emotionally mature parents say:

1. Tell Me More

This is your go-to phrase when someone shares an experience with you. Instead of jumping in with advice or solutions, take a breath and simply ask, “Tell me more.” This shows that you’re truly listening and creates a safe space for them to open up. It’s the foundation of active listening and what I call “popcorn parenting.”

2. It’s okay to make mistakes. That’s how we learn and grow.

We all make mistakes, but how we respond to them is what matters. By saying it, we’re not only comforting others, but we’re also teaching them a valuable life lesson. That mistakes are opportunities for growth.

We keep that stuff in our head. Out loud we might start by saying tell me more. As they process and then we get to say, “It’s okay to make mistakes that’s how we learn.”

And then we inhale exhale. 

Again coaching moment for us. What are we thinking about their mistake? Where is our brain feeling fear? Let’s get coaching on that so that we can show up as the emotionally mature person we want to be for those in our life. 

Emotional maturity is all about having the ability to regulate our own emotions. It is important so we don’t think we need to change our kids’ experience to feel better.

Listen in to this episode to hear more specific examples of how I get into fear brain with this thought. And how you can practice saying “It’s okay to make mistakes” when we say it. (Spoiler alert: I also share how to use this with husbands!)

Which leads us into the third thing that emotionally mature parents say: 

3. “You’re Good at Figuring Things Out”. 

This is one of my favorites! It’s a simple yet powerful way to instill confidence and encourage independence. When we believe in others’ abilities, they start to believe in themselves too.

I love this one. I love thinking of my kids brains internalizing this sentence. A nd laying a deep neuropathway every time I say this: “I’m good at figuring things out.” 

How empowering and wonderful. Can you see how these three things can flow one after another in conversation? Start with number one, add two and then three for a very different summer. 

Action Changes Lives

Remember our lives change when we take action. Listening to podcasts is great, it expands our brain. Re listen to this one and the other ones I’ve linked below. And then, practice saying these things out of your mouth. With your kids, with your partners, with your friends. 

In taking action, you’re helping yourself feel better, break generational patterns, and set us up with emotional maturity and confidence. 

I thank you for doing the work you’re doing. You do make a difference. For sure. If you say to your kid “tell me more” instead of auto advice giving, you are helping. Head to the free warrior group on Facebook and comment on the post about this episode about what you’re working on or what is hard about this for you.

Finally, to build your emotional intelligence and maturity, please see if the Love Your Life School is open for enrollment. 

I teach specific things we can do when we feel anxious about our kid.

Wouldn’t it be much more helpful to get into the Love Your Life School and learn how to feel your anxiety and teach your kids to do so too? 

Well you know what I think, lol!

This summer, I challenge you to practice using these three phrases in your relationships. Notice how they change the dynamic and deepen your connections. Remember, emotional maturity is a journey. But by taking small steps like this, we can create a ripple effect of positive change in our lives and of others.

Remember, Warriors, you are making a difference!

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