Five Ways to Feel Better Post Covid

You feeling it? Excited to be getting back into it and exhausted about getting back into it? YEP! It’s a both and! Super happy to be moving out of the quarantine yet feeling some discomfort, fatigue, and even fear as we move back into our more normal lives.

This is all normal. Both and. This is what life is about. The yin and the yang. Im here to help you transition back in. You’ve literally been in a sort of cocoon. Many have experienced trauma. Many have experienced loss. Loss of loved ones and loss of routine, structure, and stability. Most have experienced a destabilization of our mental and emotional health.

You may find yourself falling into one of two camps: sitting back and letting it be or stepping up and powering through. I’m here to invite you to a middle path. The both and….Listen in to this week’s episodes. I detail five ways to feel better post COVID. These five ways will help you feel better and start to bring some normalcy back into our new life (which, btw, is anything but normal!). Choose one and get started. I invite you to tell me which one you’ll start in the comments below. We are 80% more likely to do something if we tell someone else. Let me help you have accountability.

Deliberate Living Post Covid

  • GET UP

Which of these five ways will you try? These are five ways to feel better post covid that are proven to work with one caveat. You have to use them. Best way to do that? Choose one of these five ways to feel better post covid and share your way with me in the notes.

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