Anxiety Happens

That’s right. Anxiety happens. For some of us it happens more often than for others but the feeling of anxiety happens. The more we can remove any shame or judgement around it, the better we all will be at getting through life with our human brains.

As a coach, I do this by pairing neuroscience and the thought model. By pairing our knowledge of the brain with intentional and mindful living. I know it works because I’m living it. I lived a life I didn’t love for many years. Mainly because I didn’t know how the brain worked and didn’t practice the tips and tools I now provide to clients and listeners.  Click listen so I can teach you the power (and pain) of what if.

What You’ll Learn about Anxiety From This Episode

  • The brain’s tendency to provide us “what if” questions
  • How our survival instinct can be harmful
  • Our brain’s predictive nature
  • The importance of learning to let anxiety happen
  • Learn how to figure out what you do instead of letting anxiety happen
  • And much more

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