Are You Emotionally Obese?

I’ll bet you understand what it means to have gained some unwanted physical weight and how that can impact your physical health. I’ll bet you also understand which of the habits or behaviors you did to gain that weight? Maybe ate some extra food or skimped on sleep?

Have you ever thought of how you may be carrying extra emotional weight? Or which of your mental habits and behaviors led to that emotional weight gain?

Today’s our lucky day. Author, Coach, and Podcaster, Laura Coe, joins the Love Your Life Show and we discuss emotional health in a way that’s really easy to understand. We describe what emotional obesity is and also give specific guidance on how to lose the emotional weight that’s holding us back.

The minute I heard of her book and the term emotional obesity, I knew I had to get her on the show. Laura’s work helps us look at something we accept (habits and behaviors needed for physical health) to help us see where our habits and behaviors are impacting our emotional health. 

Listen in as we give your real tools and advice on how to lose the emotional weight and dig into living a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the inside. Further, make sure you’re a part of our private Facebook Community as we will be discussing this book (and doing some of the exercises!).

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