Boundary Setting for People Pleasers

Lori Massicot interviewed me on a recent episode of her podcast and we discussed boundary setting for people pleasers.

Susie Pettit has been helping women live lives they love for over 15 years. She is the host of the podcast Love Your Life Show and owner of the Wellness Company Strength: Mind & Body, LLC. She is a certified Life + Wellness Coach and a mom of 5 sons ages 17-25.

Susie is passionate about helping women live lives that feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside. She spent more than half her life living a life she did not love; as a people pleaser and codependent perfectionist. She reflects that it’s as if she was trying to win an award for ‘Martyr of the Year’.

Luckily she hit rock bottom and now has the breadth of experience to teach first hand about setting healthy boundaries, beating your inner critic, conscious parenting, and how to use mindfulness-based tools to beat overwhelm and anxiety. She uses two foundational frameworks: Her 5 Pillars of Wellness and the Thought Model.

Listen to learn Boundary Setting and more:

  • Being a people-pleaser and a people-deceiver
  • Susie figuring out what she really wanted
  • The “good girl mentality”
  • Giving ourselves love and compassion
  • The steps to seeing things differently
  • Handling guilt
  • Putting the auto-yes on hold
  • Susie’s definition of a boundary
  • How being annoyed is an opportunity to set a boundary
  • Manuals
  • What Susie was using alcohol for and why she stopped drinking

Resources Mentioned:

Show notes from Lori’s Interview on the Love Your Life Show

YouTube Interview of Lori and Susie’s conversation

Lori’s Podcast: To 50 and Beyond

“In trying to please the people in my life, I was presenting in a way that was inauthentic”- Susie Pettit