Sober Living?

The chance that your life has been or is being affected by alcohol is extremely high. It is estimated that 43% of people in the United States grew up with, are married to, or have a blood relative who is an alcoholic or problematic drinker.

Alcohol is one of the most widely-used and normalized drug on the planet. It is responsible for more deaths than that of all other drugs combined. My own experience with sober living and my desire to learn more about how alcohol affects my brain and body, especially as aging, led me to discover the awesome Lori Massicot.

Lori Massicot is a life coach specializing in sobriety, mindset transformation and holistic wellness. She is an advocate for aging happy, healthy, confident and free. She’s the podast host of the show To 50 & Beyonod, a podcast that celebrates women in the middle of life.

I loved connecting with Lori and know you may too. If you’ve ever woken up and wondered why did I drink so much last night or oh my gosh, did I do anything dumb last night, (haven’t we all?), don’t miss this! Join us as we talk about:

  • The limiting beliefs that stop you from living the life you’re here to live
  • How to deal with friends and family who are alcohol or food pushers
  • How to shift from focusing on what you’re missing out on to what you’ll gain
  • How her life has improved with sobriety
  • How alcohol affects us differently as we age 
  • and much more!

I loved this conversation with Lori and encourage you to be kind to yourself as you listen. Remember, if it triggers you dear warrior, it’s about you. Maybe sobriety isn’t for you right now but choosing to listen in and keep an open mind of what may be helpful or best for you is what this show is all about.

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I am so grateful for you! #togetherwerise dear warrior women! 

How to Learn More about Lori: 

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