Celebrating and You!

This week is all about celebrating and you! Before you get all uncomfortable feeling, please consider these two questions: How much time do you spend taking care of the other people in your life?ย How much time do you spend thinkIng about taking care of those others in your life?

Add those two times togetherย and one thing is true…THERE’S NOT MUCH TIME FOR YOU!

Great News!

It’s FINALLY TIME!ย Time to celebrate you!!!!ย It’s the 200th episode of the Love Your Life Show (I know, right?!?๐Ÿฅณ) and I put together some of my best Susie support and celebrating love for YOU!ย 

Whetherย you’re a first time listener of the show or this is your 200th episode , I appreciate you and made this show just for you.

Join me in CELEBRATING YOU this week. PEOPLE PLEASER, confidence, authentic

First you’ll hear a clip from the Self Acceptance Episode. If you’d like to read it, find it here. If you’d like to listen to the whole episode, click here.

Second comes the clip from the episode titled ENOUGH ALREADY. You can read it here or listen to the full episode here.ย 

Thirdly is the clip from the show titled “How to Change Your Life Without Ruining Your Life”. Listen to the full episode here or read the post here.

Finally, the last clip is from a show titled “Your Best Year Yet” and can be found online here or listen to my supportive words and message here.

Cheers to 200 more!