Choose Love [MIDYEAR HUG]

I share my insights on learning to love ourselves and embracing our imperfections. Emphasizing the importance of being kind and compassionate towards ourselves and offers practical ways to support our own well-being. I encourage you warriors to greet yourselves in the morning, express gratitude to your bodies in the evening, and practice self-compassion when you make mistakes during the day. May I remind you that we are all a mix of light and dark, good and bad and that growth occurs when we accept and learn from our humanness?


  • Greet yourself in the morning and say something nice to yourself.
  • Express gratitude to your body in the evening for its functions and efforts.
  • Practice self-compassion and kindness when you make mistakes or act unskillfully during the day.

I’ve given you three ways you can practice being more loving towards yourself and accepting of your whole self. This humaning stuff is hard. You are not meant to do it alone. You’re not meant to know it all. Make the choice to continue to grow and evolve.  Choose to love all of you. You are good and bad, dark and light, amazing and awful and I love all of you. 

Lets go warrior.

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