Codependent Perfectionist Parenting with Alana Carvalho

Join the conversation on the show today as we discuss codependent perfectionist parenting with Alana Carvalho. Alana is a licensed mental health counselor who focuses on helping parents, couples and individuals build balanced, connected and rewarding relationships. Furthermore, she is especially passionate about helping individuals see how healing codependency and perfectionism can lead to a more joy filled life.
Alana has lectured on child development at The College of Staten Island. Her first book Raising Empowered Children: The Codependent Perfectionist’s Guide to Parenting is now available for purchase. Alana also created The Codependent Perfectionist’s Oracle Cards to give everyone the ability to utilize therapeutic tools at the touch of their hand.

What is a Codependent Perfectionist?

Alana defines codependency as a relational and emotional enmeshment that can play out in a number of our relationships, including friendships, family dynamics or romantic relationships. She defines perfectionism as is a person’s unrealistic expectations for oneself that can be seen in a variety of areas of her life, including parenting, friendships, work, and body image.

Further, she makes the case that codependency and perfectionism are pervasive in our culture and love to live as a pair. Anyone else wondering if they are living as a pair in your family unit or relationships? As someone who knows with certainty that they were, I was thrilled to have this conversation on codependent perfectionism with Alana.

Listen in to learn more about Codependent Perfectionist Parenting

  • What is a codependent perfectionist?
  • How does perfectionism show up in parenting?
  • Why do many of us think we’re not perfectionists? (myself included!)
  • How does codependency show when we are parenting?
  • What does codependent behavior look like in our kids?
  • How does codependency affect our kids?
  • Are there ways to shift out of codependent perfectionist parenting?

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