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Have you heard of emotional intelligence? I first learned of it in my grad work and was astounded that it hadn’t been a part of my life or schooling. Furthermore, that most of us didn’t have a working definition or know how to use it in our everyday life?

According to Wikipidia, emotional intelligence is most often defined as the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions.

Why Emotional Intelligence, Kerstin?

Kerstin Kirchsteiger is a scientist turned Life & Leadership Coach. Not only did the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood lead her to leave science, it also led her to a deep study of emotions and to becoming a GENOS certified practitioner.

Without a doubt, her journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship made it clear that work-life integration is a topic most women struggle with. Kerstin used her background as a scientist to create a system for moms to feel less anxiety and overwhelm in their days. Furthermore, she helps mom peel back the layers of obligations, expectations and guilt so that they can build a life they’re excited to get up for every day.

Discussed in this episode:

We have a great conversation on diving into these things:

  • Kerstin’s definition of emotional intelligence
  • What leadership looks like in the house
  • Looking at our kids with a growth mindset,
  • How to include a reluctant partner in emotional intelligence
  • Where family meetings fit in to positive parenting and team building
  • Kerstin’s take on work-life balance
  • And much more,

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