Gap versus Gain

What do I mean by gap versus gain thinking? Oooooh, tune in to this week’s podcast! Gap versus Gain thinking is a concept that I first heard of through Dan Sullivan, a business coach, yet I realize I’ve been using it in individual coaching sessions and in our midlife warrior group with mindset coaching for years. 

Further, when we practice noticing whether we are in the gap versus the gain or the gain versus the gap, we gain control of our feeling state. This practice leads to feeling better in our everyday life and isn’t that something we are all up for? 

What is Gap versus Gain thinking?

When you measure yourself in the gap, you simply cannot be happy. You can be successful, even highly successful, but you will still feel unhappy, frustrated and like a you’re not good enough. This is a common feeling among many – a typical sign of gap thinking is getting to a finish point, getting to a goal, and having that feeling of I thought it would feel better here. I thought I’d be happy when…. No bueno. Which is why I’m so glad to bring this knowledge to you so you can consciously choose to practice gain thinking.

Gain Thinking is all about looking at the progress we are making. It’s a mindset shift where we recognize the progress we’ve made. We feel happier, more satisfied, more successful.

Gap Thinking is all about focusing on the cloud on the sunny day. Gap vs gain work is a deep mindfulness practice with big rewards for us love your life show high achievers.

Listen in to Learn

  • How Gap versus Gain thinking shows up in parenting,
  • Why it’s helpful to note if we are thinking in the gap versus the gain in our relationships,
  • How learning to discern between gap versus gain thinking leads to greater life satisfaction
  • Why learning about the gap versus gain thinking is so important for high achievers
  • Learn a tool to help you train your brain for gain thinking

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Finishing Up in Community

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  • Do you think you focus more on the gap or the gain?  
  • Where can you practice gain thinking this week?