How to Feel Better

This is my magical skill. Helping women determine how to feel better and then to help them take the small daily steps to feel. better. Part of this involves neuroplasticity and part of it involves human nature. Leave those parts to me. For you, choose the areas of your life where you feel unsettled, unhappy, overwhelmed, stressed, or un fulfilled and listen in.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to feel better
  • The CBT Tool Zoom In and Zoom Out
  • How to use Zoom In/Zoom Out to feel better
  • The power of Your Future Self
  • Why I set goals
  • How you can set goals
  • How you reach your goals!!
  • And more!

Resources Mentioned:

The Thought Model

The Brain’s Motivational Triad

The Podcast Roadmap

The Warrior Membership Group

Work with Susie as a Coach

SMB’s Life Coach for men

Action Time!

How can you get started TODAY on your path towards making that future you a reality? Once you’ve listened to the episode, please come back here and share in the comments what one thing you can do today. I’d love to support you as you learn how to feel better.

Zoom in and decide what you will do every day to move towards your future you one year from now. If you’re in my monthly membership, we’ll be talking about it. If you’re in the free facebook warrior women group, we’ll be talking about it. If your’e not…uh, why not? Click the link in the show notes and get in there now. And if you don’t have a coach or community, I’d love to be yours. We are not meant to do this alone. When we do it alone we end up doing the same thing over and over because we are thinking the same thoughts over and over. You can’t create a different future thinking the same thoughts that got you here. Coaches help you get there faster. As women say, Susie helps them feel better. I’d love to help you too. You matter to me.

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