How to Help Your Teen

This is for all of the helpers out there! The ones who see someone struggling and feel the pull to help. There are many ways we feel pulled to help, the most obvious of which is as a parent. How hard is it to see your kid struggle? It is certainly one of the hardest things I experience which is why I wanted to bring you today’s podcast and post. Learning how to support my child when they’re struggling has been some of the hardest yet most rewarding work that I’ve done.

As the mother of five and an empowerment coach for middle school girls, I have a lot of experience in this area. I have helped teens who are stressed, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed. In addition, I have a masters of education and am perfectly primed to teach you how to help your teen.  


Listen in to How to Help Your Teen Here:

Listen to Learn How to Help Your Teen:

  • Three things that fundamentally change how we parent
  • Why the way we have been taught to parent can cause anxiety in our kids
  • How to shift out of over parenting
  • Why we want to help so badly
  • How to step back from helping
  • specific things you can do TODAY to RAISE LESS ANXIOUS KIDS

Parenting Takes Education

Parenting and supporting others is one of the most challenging jobs here on earth. I know it dear warrior! Not only do I have my own five sons, I interact with plenty of clients and humans that are having their human experiences. I can’t tell you the number of times during a week, heck during a day, that I say things to myself like” “This is not my problem to solve. They are on their journey.” It is a practice and I’m here with you on the journey.

What I can report from the other side of having 5 kids over 18 and from the feedback from the parents who have taken my parenting class is that this stuff works. When practiced, the tools I teach in the parenting teens class coupled with the lessons in the Love Your Life show podcast help our stressed, anxious, or depressed teens. I’m cheering you on! Don’t do this alone!

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