Let’s Talk about Sex with Dr. Sonia Wright

Dr. Sonia Wright is a board-certified radiologist, a  sexual counselor and a life coach. I am bringing her on the love your life show to talk about sex in midlife in a way that is not commonly shared. She received  her education from Stanford University, the  University of California San Francisco School of  Medicine, the Mayo Clinic, the University of  Michigan and the Life Coach School!

She is on a mission to help women embrace their sexuality as well as end the emotional pain and  isolation associated with sexual difficulties. She  believes wholeheartedly that all women deserve to experience pleasurable sexual intimacy.

Dr. Wright has a natural ability to put people at  ease while discussing sensitive issues related to sex.  She tackles hard issues by normalizing the situation and coaching from a caring and humorous perspective. 

How does sex impact living a life we love?

I loved connecting with Dr. Wright. Listen in as I found myself opening up about my own personal experiences in addition to talking about:

  • how we add drama to our life through our thoughts about desire
  • the importance of being kind and curious with ourselves
  • how mindset can help us in the bedroom!
  • ‘to do’ sex versus ‘for you’ sex
  • the Pleasure Gap,
  • her daily practices that help set her up for drama free living
  • and much more!

 I loved this conversation with Dr. Sonia Wright and am thrilled to share it with you. It is my belief that we are in a new era of feminism and sexuality. I love leading the charge of expanding our brains to what is possible now and as we age. 

midlife sex with dr sonia wrightLets Let Others Talk About Sex with Dr. Sonia Wright too!

If this show resonates with you, could you do me a favor and share it with one other friend? In order to change how we think about things, we have to change how we think about things. How to do that? Spreading the message. Expanding our brain to think differently of things. Let’s choose to be visions for aging differently than those who have come before us. Feel free to spread this message far and wide. #togetherwerise

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