Messy Action and Imperfect Living

Would you be surprised to learn that messy action and imperfect living is a key to life satisfaction? I know I was! The great news is, you don’t have to wait decades to find out. I’ve done the research and put the messy action into action to help you! In fact, that’s my job! To do the research, to listen to the podcasts, to read the books, so as to help you live lives you love. The great news is, those lives we love come with a lot of imperfect and messy action! Media and consumerism wants us to believe that there’s one right way of doing things and we need their product or book or method to show us how. The great news is, that is not accurate. I’m all for capitalism though I like doing it with my eyes wide open.

Listen in to the Messy Action Episode to Learn:

Listen in to the messy action podcast to learn

  • The necessity of setting goals,
  • How getting started is more important than doing it right,
  • What does Susie mean by Imperfect Action?
  • How learning about the brain will make things easier for you,
  • Why most of us quit (and how to stop),
  • How to be on the look out for perfectionist thinking and perfectionism
  • And much more!

Messy Action and Imperfect Living Action Plan

After listening today, please come back and share your action plan in the comments or on my Instagram page. Choose something: a focus, a goal, an intention for your week, your month, something you can work on and share it with us. The more of us out here sharing our imperfect, messy action, the more we normalize growth and this whole process.

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