Okay great! You’re convinced – it is time. You are ready. You’ve read my blog last week. You’ve marched. You’ve reached your limit in a relationship at work or at home. You are ready!

But uh, wait a minute….what does that mean? How do I do that? NOW WHAT?!

This is where great movements and motivation falls apart. We get all of this energy, this drive but when it comes to taking action we get confused and overwhelmed. We think: “Uh, I’m a mom, I don’t have time to travel to protests.” or : “I’m an introvert, I don’t want to run for office.” We mistakengly think that we need to make a massive, life-changing shift in our life for change to occur. This leads us to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

Don’t worry, it’s simpler than that. In reality, you have everyting you need right now. Slow down for a second and look around. We are all leaders some where in our life. Are you a parent? Do you see other moms at school pickup? Is there a bulletin board at your local coffee shop? Are you in a book club, a garden club, the leader of your daughter’s Girl Scout Troop, or a coach for your child’s team? Guess what? You already are leading and have the potential to shape your influence.

Where do people ask for your input? With what do people ask you to help them? What do you like to do?

Your answers show you your area of genius or expertise. The key is to get deliberate about how you’re influencing and how you’re leading.

  • If you’re coaching a sports team, choose to model good sportsmanship. Address sideline chatter about winning and losing. Establish a “no criticism zone”. Focus on the fun of playing versus pitting us vs. them. Decide and do
  • If you normally get together with friends every Friday night, use them for accountability. Choose an activity from www.dosomething.org/us and report back the next week on your progress. Decide and Do
  • If you’re leading a book club, choose to donate the money you would’ve spent on wine + snacks to a local cause. Decide and do. 
  • Each and every time you shop, you pass people in the aisles. Do you smile? Do you make eye contact? Why the heck not? Try it. Decide and Do.
  • What do you do when you hear the person in front of you acting rudely to the cashier? Speak up. Stand up to bullies in everyday life and influence everyone around you (maybe even your kids!) Decide and Do.
  • What do you do if your plane is delayed? Do you yell at the airline attendant? Why? What if instead you asked yourself: What can I do to help? How could I influence others to remain calm? Decide and do.

The beauty in life is that no matter who or where you are, we can influence people.

  1. What angers you? What are you passionate about? Read over last week’s blog. What came up for you? In which area of your life are you playing small or hiding? Why? That area and your answer is where you are needed to lead. Decide and Do.
  2. Surround yourself with like-minded friends. Cut the clutter on your Facebook feed – if the time you spend on social media doesn’t inspire you or lift your mood, why are you spending your time there? Choose what influences your brain. Decide and Do.

Speak up when you see injustice, whether that’s someone talking rudely to a waiter or a friend making a derogatory comment. No, it’s not okay. No, it’s not just a joke. Why wouldn’t you say something?

It is time.

YOU can make a difference. Right here, right now.

We influence people every single day that we’re here on this earth: our kids, our friends, our coworkers, people in our community.

How can you show up today? 

Decide and Do.

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