People Pleasing and Lying

Wait a minute? People pleasing and lying? There’s no way they go together, do they? Dear warrior, if you are in a relationship where you feel as if, you have to lie to stay connected to them,  this episode is for you!

True friendships and relationships are based on acceptance of and for the other person. mutuality. None of this over functioning, under functioning of codependency...that comes from fear! 

Ask yourself this question; do I believe that being a good daughter, a good friend, a good mom, a good sister, a good wife requires me to lie? Well duh susie, no. Okay next question: how often do you not speak up because you think you know how the other person will react or because you think your needs or desires will impact the situation? Warrior! That’s lying! 

Furthermore, do you know what people pleasing is? It’s lying warriors! Lying to the other person! When I started to see it that way, as something I was actually doing that brought harm and disconnection to my relationships, it helped me start to say no when I meant no and yes when I mean yes.

What You’ll Learn about People Pleasing and Lying

  • The connection between people pleasing and lying,
  • Why emotionally mature relationships don’t require you to lie,
  • What people pleasing does to your relationships, your integrity, and your inner warrior,
  • How to think differently about putting yourself first,
  • Why some people in your life may support you people pleasing or lying
  • and much more,

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MOVING AWAY from People Pleasing and Lying:

Do you know that many of us learned our people pleasing tendencies in our youth? In fact, it’s been said that people pleasers began as parent pleasers. This is a big reason why I developed my Parenting Teens: A Survival Guide Course. I teach some specific, quick ways we can make sure we’re not reinforcing codependency, people pleasing or lying without children. If you haven’t taken it yet, click here to see if it’s open for enrollment as it’s a game changer. Here is what some parents have said:

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