Why are we so afraid of what others think of us?

We act certain ways, wear certain things, and do certain things to try to get certain people to like us. Why?

Half the time we are twisting and conforming to please someone we don’t even like. Seriously. We drag our family to some BBQ because we think we “should” go. We eat a brownie that someone made so “they don’t feel bad”. We go to events  because “what will people think” if I miss book club again? Uh, hello…how do you feel after eating the brownie? Do you feel like going to the BBQ? Do you enjoy book club?

Why not choose to show up as yourself?  You are you for a reason. Every single piece of you comes together to make a unique being on this planet. That unique being is here for a reason. When you twist and mold and conform, you change how you’re meant to show up here on earth. Crazy piece of this is, if you do mold and change who you are to get someone to like you and you succeed (they do like you), what does that even mean? That they like the fake version of you??

You can be the juiciest, ripest peach in the world but there will always be someone who doesn’t like peaches. Does that mean there’s something wrong with the peach? If someone doesn’t like you, does that mean there’s something wrong with you?

We have no control over what others think about us. Zero. None. If you walk into a room with 10 people, they are going to have 10 different opinions about you. One might think: “Ooooh, she reminds me of my sister. I really like her”. Another might think: “Ooooh, she reminds me of my sister. Bitch.” Another might think: “Cute pants” and yet another: “I can’t believe she’s wearing pants in this hot weather”. All of their thoughts have to do with their lives and their experiences. Not only do they have little to do with you, you have little control over their opinions. If their opinion of you was based on something you said or did, then all ten people would have the same opinion of you.  Their opinion of you is based on them.  You don’t know why people like you or why they don’t like you. You can’t possibly understand their preferences or what’s happened in their lives. When you try to act in a certain way or be a certain way so they like you, you show up as a twisted version of yourself.

The first step to anything is awareness. Where in your life are you hiding your true juiciness? Why?

Your inner warrior wants to be free. What are you waiting for?