Say No To Feel Happier

One of the favorite lessons I have learned in my years here on this planet is learning to say no to feel happier. For years, I thought that saying yes, doing what other people wanted me to do, was the secret to living a good life. In other words, being that people pleaser or good girl was the path to happiness. Listen in to this week’s episode as I discovered the opposite is what is true. Doing what others want us to do might make them happier but they’re not the ones I’m concerned about!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

In today’s episode, we will learn:Happiness set point, say no to feel happier

  • Why saying no will help you feel happier,
  • What the happiness set point is,
  • How to influence the happiness set point,
  • What the “Pursuit of happiness” actually means and how we get it wrong,
  • Happiness as our moral obligation
  • And much more

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