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Each of the 5 pillars of wellness are crucial to our overall state of well being. If we neglect even one pillar for too long, we will suffer. Our suffering shows up as weight gain, general discontent, or aches and pains. Further, when we neglect two pillars, our physical or mental health suffers and we may wonder why we’re always yelling or reactive. This is when many of us go on an anti-depressant. When we neglect three, your body will reward you by showing you it’s in dis-ease. This is when we get those auto-immune or cancer diagnoses.

I got into coaching because in the middle of ending my marriage of 19 years while still trying to be super-mom, Over the course of three days, I had 32 seizures. That is not a type-o. My body had sent me many warning signs, I had been to see many doctors and had countless tests: maybe it’s my thyroid? My gut? Nope. It’s actually quite simple, when you neglect areas of your health (mental or physical) your body will let you know. I had consistently neglected 3 of my pillars and ended up in the ER. On the outside, I looked quite healthy: I was exercising and eating well, but my other pillars were weak and my body said enough.

I have lived the stressed out, overwhelmed super-woman life and know there is another way. Let me help you feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside. For today, start simply by learning about the 5 pillars of wellness.


One of the 5 pillars of wellness is exercise. Exercise is about moving your body in a way that helps your body. Women often need to have a mind shift to begin to see exercise as something they do for their bodies and for their mental health. Exercise is not about losing weight. It’s about treating this one wonderful body you’ve been given in a manner that feels good and keeps it well. How do you move your body? What do you want your body to be able to do for you? Our bodies are designed to move. They are not meant to be sedentary. Close your eyes and picture yourself in 20 years. Are you treating your body in a way that will get you to that vision? If you want a life of mobility, you must live a mobile life.


One of the 5 pillars of wellness is fuel. What do you feed your body? Which foods are you putting in your body? How does your body feel when you eat or drink those foods? This is not about punishment or restriction. Rather, this pillar of wellness is about understanding which foods best fuel your body. Every body is different and reacts differently to foods. Diets don’t work. Picture that future you again: what kinds of food help her body? Which kinds of food don’t? It can be that simple.


Ah yes, sleep. One of the 5 pillars of wellness is certainly sleep. This is the pillar most moms neglect. How much sleep do you get most nights? Do you go to bed around the same time and wake up the same time?

Most adults do not get enough sleep. We use one of 2 main excuses: (1) It is our “me time”. Time at the end of the day when our kids and/or spouse may be asleep and we get to do what we want; or (2) It is that time to get everything done that we didn’t get done during the day. We tell ourself that the next day will be easier if we write that report, sweep the kitchen, or answer those emails now.

These are harmful thoughts for different reasons. If you’re using the first excuse, that night time is the only time when you get to do what you want to do, stop and ask yourself why you’re choosing to spend the majority of your days doing things you don’t want to do. I encourage you to add some pockets of joy into your day instead of waiting until the end of the day. If you’re using the second excuse it’s helpful to learn about your brain and how it’s not efficient at that time of night. It will take you longer to write the emails or do the household tasks. Sure you have a lot to do. This is where one of my favorite mindfulness tools comes in to play. Go to sleep and then read more about that tool here. 


One of the 5 pillars of wellness is relationships. The people you surround yourself will impact you in every possible way. Studies show that the people around us impact our financial health, our mental health, our physical health, our daily habits (drinking, procrastinating, complaining, facebooking, etc..) It is in our best interest to examine this pillar. Who do you come into contact with most weeks? What do feel like  when you’re around them? How often do those around you compliment you? Do the people you surround yourself with criticize you? How supported do you feel by the main players in your life?  Pay attention to who you choose to be in relation with. As I tell my kids, don’t spend time around people you don’t want to be like. 


The final pillar of wellness is soul care. I used to call this pillar self care but, for me, that was easy to put off as I thought it meant pedicures and vacation. It’s more than that. Our emotional intelligence is actually based on our ability to love and care for ourselves. As a mom, I believe that this may be the most important (and neglected) pillar of wellness. This isn’t about getting our nails done. 

Soul care is deep work and a critical piece of living a life you love. We are all here on earth for a reason yet sometimes, through daily life, family-conditioning, and mothering, we lose sight of who we are. Soul care is all about caring for that unique piece of you so that you feel ALIVE and know that your life here on earth matters (it does). One way to know if you taking care of this pillar is to ask yourself: How do you feel most days? Strung out? Resentful? Bitter? Then you’re not taking care of your soul. Please push pause on your life and strengthen this pillar dear warrior. You matter to me. 

Taking care of you and your 5 Pillars of Wellness

I am passionate about the work I do because I lived in a stressed, busy, strung out way for the first part of my life. How did that work for me? I had a life that would’ve looked great on a facebook feed: 3 kids, husband, house, even a dog! But that life landed me in the ER. I took care of others needs before my own, and basically lived a life as if I was going for some Martyr of the Year award. I now view part of my role in this world is to model a life of what is possible. How to mother in a way that, in taking care of myself, everyone else is better taken care of than when I put their needs first. Join me. Let’s flip this paradigm and live lives that feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside!???? 

So hey warrior, which of your pillars are strong? Which of your pillars need some love? You can’t give to others what you don’t have. This week pay attention to how you care for yourself and each of your five pillars.

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