The Urge Jar

Today I’m sharing the urge jar! One of my clients most favorite (and successful) tools. For free! No session needed! Learning about and using this tool has helped me and my clients break habits that were unhelpful for us like over drinking, over spending, over social media’ing and over eating. It has helped people lose upwards of 25 pounds and helped others to save hundreds of dollars.ย 

Listen in to Learn How to Use the Urge Jar

Now before you go off and google how to get an urge jars, Slow down and listen to this podcast because this is what it’s all about. Slowwwwing down. Feeling the urge to google or place an urge jar order or whatever your brain is telling you to do and delaying and not doing it. Ride that urge warrior! Listen in to learn:

  • Using the urge jar to hack our brain’s desire for instant gratification
  • The 3 components necessary for success
  • Four steps to successfully use the urge jar
  • How knowledge of an urge jar and the science behind why it works can help us a parent and in our relationships.

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Older and Wiser? Not with our brain!

Our primal brain is very much like a child. It searches for ease, avoids discomfort. It says things like: “Naw, that’s too hard. Why don’t you check Instagram?” or “Going to the gym is hard. You can do that tomorrow. Stay in your warm bed instead.”

Those thoughts your child brain is feeding you all serve to give you the urge to do something that’s not in your highest or best interest. You used your adult brain to think of something that was good for you and your child brain is like “Naw…eat the cookie! Scroll on social.ย  Hit snooze”

My work here is to show you how allowing yourself to feel the urge that comes from thinking the thought that our primal brain hands us, WITHOUT ACTING ON IT, is the secret to achieving your goals and feeling proud of yourself.

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The urge jar is an amazing tool my life coaching school developed that helps us build the muscle necessary to delay instant gratification so that we can live those lives we love. Hit reply and let me know if you’re going to use an urge jar in a certain area of your life.ย 

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