Did you know that I’m a certified weight loss coach? Yet, how many blogs have I written about weightloss and appearance? Have you read a plethora of my blogs on the importance of protein? How often have I recorded a podcast on your carb intake, intermittent fasting, or your macros?

What do I talk and write about? Your goals, dreams, passions and struggles. Why? Is it that I’m not concerned with your physical health? Not at all. I am intensely concerned. Further, it‘s because of my concern that I don’t spend time on the particulars. I know that your physical health has more to do with your mindset and mental health than anything else. Weight loss has more to do with our thoughts and our habits than any family history or gene pool or how old you are

Further,  when I work with clients to address what they like to do, what they’re here on this planet to do, what lights them up, they don’t mention their pant size.weightloss, ageism, body image, eating disorder

Weightloss and Appearance

Think back over your life. How much time do you think you’ve spent thinking about your weight, what you’re going to eat, or how you look? Can you imagine what we could’ve created or accomplished if our brain had been directed differently?

Do you know what a hit the collective creativity takes when we spend our days thinking about our thigh size or the wrinkles on our forehead over our goals, dreams, and aspirations? And it’s not only the good things we’re not thinking about. When we use our mental marbles to think about our weight and appearance, we distract ourselves from the real parts of our life: our strained relationship, a missed business goal, a messy basement, or cruddy sex life. 

Weightloss and Appearance and our Societal Programming

I don’t have many regrets in life yet boy do I regret the amount of time I spent thinking about my weight and food. I deeply regret the years that I linked my worth to my physical appearance. As with all lessons from the past, it’s important to live and learn. It is not in our best interest to have women move from obsession over body weight and appearance to shaming themselves for their conditioning.

Rather, we are helped when we clearly understand why we link our value with our appearance and body size while breaking out of the patterning and choosing differently. On today’s podcast episode, I share my upbringing and lessons. Undoubtably, my story is not unique. There are many women my age who had similar stories, many women older than us and, sadly, many young girls absorbing this message now. Listen in and then choose to be a cycle breaker.

Actions to Disrupt

If your’e anything like me, you are so darn sick of amazingly talented women and girls wasting their time and energy and precious soul juice focusing on weightloss and appearance. Further, how about the time wasted on criticizing and critiquing ourselves and other females? Here are four tactical options to start to break the patriarchal patterning.


  1. Begin! Start following accounts on social media who show realistic beauty, weight, and the aging process. Check out my Instagram account to see examples of supportive accounts to follow. 
  2. Start a “Body Appreciation” list. Write down one thing each day that you appreciate about your body.  If you want to feel differently about your body, you have to think differently about your body. Your feelings come from your thoughts. Practice thinking differently starting today. We have a sheet we’re using in the membership. If you’re in there, yay you! You are changing the future one neuropathway at a time!


  1. Halt! Stop looking at accounts on social media that link our value with our appearance or body size. If you are following people who trigger you and make you feel like your body should look or be different than it is, unfollow! it’s your damn body and if it’s moving and performing in a pain free way, let it be!!!! 
  2. Stop saying negative things out loud about your body. Cut yourself off in conversation with your friends or siblings. Surprise your mate and stop saying negative things aloud about your body to your partners, your sons or your daughters. Further, please stop criticizing or commenting on other women’s appearances:  whether it’s their choice to go grey or to get botox.

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I do what I do because I want to help people live lives they love. Lives that feel good no matter the number on the scale. Join me this month in the Warrior Women Community. Our theme this month is wellness. We speak of wellness from the perspective of what feels good to our wonderful body while holding each other accountable to not slip back into diet culture and misogyonist thinking. You matter to me warrior. No matter the number on the scale or the wrinkles on your forehead. YOU matter to me!