Parent Survival Guide: Empty Nest

Do you have a child who’s growing up? If you have a kid leaving for college (or kindergarten or preschool), you are going to be full of big and often conflicting emotions. Your logical mind can tell you that everything is “fine”; that your child is supposed to be going to college or kindergarten; that this is actually a magnificent opportunity. Yet, your emotional mind will probably be in a completely different place full of fear, sadness, regret, guilt, worry, you name it.

This inner conflict may make you feel like crying with joy in one moment and crying in angst in the next. I’m here to tell you that you’re not losing your mind. All change feels difficult to our human bodies – no matter whether we’ve sent our other children to college or this is our first and we’re sending her to middle school.

Your Experience is Normal and to Be Expected.

Listen in to this week’s episode to feel supported and learn:

  • How we grow stronger when we go through difficult times
  • Our children grow stronger with discomfort too!
  • Why it is best to get a coach or community to support you right now
  • What not to say to our child
  • How to best support ourselves so we can best support them
  • Much more!

Links Mentioned for Our Empty Nest Episode

This episode’s special bonus: 5 Tactical Tools for Your Empty Nest 

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You’re Not Alone

Last reminder, dear parents: anything you’re feeling as your child moves into a new stage is fine. Depending on which thought you’re focusing on you will feel something. You may feel sad, happy, lonely, heartbroken, worried, or full of pride. All of those are fine. What wouldn’t be fine is to not feel or to tell yourself to stop feeling what you’re feeling. 

What also wouldn’t be fine is to expect to do it all alone. Not only were we not taught this in school, we also aren’t primed to spot thought drama or danger on our own. That is why I have a coach. Someone to outside of my own brain that can help me move through these periods faster and with more ease. Please don’t do this alone. Join the membership, schedule a session with your coach or therapist, grab the free bonus sheet (or do all three!). You are not alone.