What If and Anxiety

Anxiety and what if …. What am I talking about? If you’re a longtime listener of this show, you know I say the more comfortable you get feeling uncomfortable, the better your life is. I speak a lot of our brain’s motivational triad. happiness habits, what if, motivational triad, neuroplasticity, cognitive behavior therapy, neuroscienceNamely, how it is is wired to seek comfort, avoid pain and conserve energy. This, combined with our brain’s negativity bias can lead to us feeling unsatisfied with the life we’re living. Not on my watch! The name of this show is the Love Your Life Show and I am committed to bringing you tips and tools to live your best life. One that, no matter how it looks on the outside, feels GREAT on the inside.

As a coach, I do this by pairing neuroscience and the thought model. By pairing our knowledge of the brain with intentional and mindful living. I know it works because I’m living it. I lived a life I didn’t love for many years. Mainly because I didn’t know how the brain worked and didn’t practice the tips and tools I now provide to clients and listeners.  Click listen so I can teach you the power (and pain) of what if.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

In today’s episode, we will learn about the connection between anxiety and what if.

  • The brain’s tendency to provide us “what if” questions
  • How worrying pretends to be necessary
  • What Causal Coaching is and how it will help you
  • The difference between the what if fairy and monster
  • How to use the What if Fairy in your life today
  • Why Susie’s asking for some Fairy Dust to be sprinkled her way!
  • How to get more intentional in your thinking.
  • And much more

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