Are You Ready to Live a Life You Love?

If you’re ready to live a life you love, then it’s time to do less. Yes, you heard me correctly. Do less to love your life more. This is not about being lazy or slacking off. As a Type 3 Enneagram, lifetime high achiever, that is not my way. Rather, this is about making sure that the efforts you’re making are in alignment with the life you want to be living. Not the life your mother or your father want you to be living. Nor the life your neighbor, friends, or children want you to be living. The life YOU want to be living.

Join me on this episode to learn how two massive life lessons of cancer and losing $480,000 dollars help me daily. I explain how why we must learn to do less for others. Listen in to learn how the main takeaways from the past several podcast episodes are all pointing us in the same direction. It is time warriors. 

Featured in this Episode

Do Lessbrave inspired action

In this episode I promise you this: each and every time that you choose you, each and every time that you lean into what YOUR deep self is saying, you will move closer to living that life you love.

Each time you choose discomfort, each time you choose consciousness over hiding, each time you choose bravery and courage over fear, you move closer to living a life you love.  

Every single time you lean in to listen to what your inner warrior is trying so desperately to tell you, you move closer to living that life you love.

How do we do that? We do that by doing less. By slowing down to listen. We choose to do less of what other people want us to do and more of what we want to do. Each time we say no when we mean no. Every time we say yes and mean yes. 

Go back and listen to any/all of the podcasts from this summer. You can find them at Get a different voice in your ear. Let’s not let the pandemic pass without lessons; without growth. We are either growing or shrinking. There is no staying the same. And if Terri Cole, Dr. Mariza Snyder, and myself haven’t been preaching enough this summer: You matter. Slowing down to DO LESS for everyone else and more for you is what will lead you into your midlife and beyond in power, good health, and happiness. 

You’re Not Alone

Part of what kept me in a complaining, critical life space was that those around me were in similar situations. My parents marriage was not one of love. My friends, as evidenced by my dear departed friend Chanya, were all “fine” on the surface and anything but underneath. If I had seen models of different relationships and women, I would’ve moved forward sooner. I constantly regret that Chanya didn’t have those models.

Please don’t keep doing this alone for two reasons: It takes soooo much longer. One thing I’ve learned is we don’t know how long we have. Why not choose to feel better faster? Instead of moving at your own pace and doing what you’ve been doing, choose to do something differently by signing up for the FINDING JOY IN EVERYDAY LIFE program starting in September. I know you have a lot on your plate so this program is not about giving you something else to do. This program is about helping you feel better. In your everyday life. In the life you’re living. You do soooo much for others. Let me help you. Please. It’s time. 

Secondly, it’s so much more fun with a group of like-minded women! Being a part of this group is one of the most favorite things I do! To evolve with a group of warrior women who are committed to taking steps to live their best lives is soul filling. Not every day is great, in fact, some suck. Yet having a sisterhood of women who are there to support you along the path is priceless. And it’s all waiting for you today. Learn more and sign up here.