Consider this episode an opportunity to lessen your load, a quick life audit to make sure you’re living lightly and with the ease that I desire for you.

Chances are you’re not. 

And lol, I’m right there with you. More than 90% of what we do every day is automatic, subconscious, programmed into us like we’re some sort of robot. 

This can be a good thing when it’s working for us and we’re programmed like a warrior robot. However, chances are, some re-aligning is probably necessary.

In the past month, I’ve recorded some “back to the basic” episodes on topics like wellness and self-love. I’ll put the links to those in the show notes as there were some helpful foundational practices to remind yourself of at

And today I bring you an opportunity to push pause and do a bit of a life audit with five questions. It is super helpful to pause every so often and do a bit of a life audit, to see what you’re doing that’s working and what isn’t. Otherwise, our human nature is to set it and forget it. Which is GREAT if that setting is working for us. 

Here are 5 questions I love to ask myself. I hope you find as much benefit from them as I do.


Five questions to ask yourself for clarity:


How do you feel at the end of your days?

Unearth the essence of your daily experiences by capturing feelings with one to three words, revealing insights into your true human experience.


What do you like to do for fun?

Break free from limitations and embrace the joy of activities that feed your soul, proving that pleasure is productive and essential for your well-being.


What’s going well with your wellness? What small actions have you habitualized in your day that are helpful for you and helping you feel good?

Wellness check-in: Identify what’s working well in your sleep, exercise, diet, relationships, and self-care. Celebrate your victories and acknowledge growth areas with kindness.


What are you working on?

Fuel your personal growth by choosing a focus that contributes to your development, shifting the attention from others to your own transformative journey.


And the final question is what is your short long term goal.

Instead of distant aspirations, envision changes for the next 1-3 years, nurturing a love for your present while aiming for a purposeful future.


If you take one thing away from this episode, please let it be this.

Your brain is like a computer.

If you’re not doing something you want to be doing, it’s not because you stink, you’re lazy, you have a motivation problem, or any other negative thing you may be thinking.

It’s because you are a human being with a human brain.

Approach your life with a curious mindset, like you’re a detective studying your behavior, and you will accomplish great things.

Having a human brain is incredibly awesome if we’re conscious and intentional about loading our computer brain with programs that help us.

if no one told you today, you are awesome. I love you. Whether you’re repeating the dumbest habitual actions or not. I see you and know you’re doing your best. Humaning is hard and I’m honored to be on this journey with you.

Let’s go Warriors!


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